Phase 2 (of 4): Onboarding Process


STEP 1: Request to initiate onboarding by sending an email to with the information listed below.

A. Include the name of your PHA as the first component and the specific MMG as the second component in the subject line of the email (i.e., [State]—

NNDSS Onboarding Package for [MMG]).

B. In the email, confirm that your PHA has completed the following steps:

C: Attach to the email the completed documentation listed below:

STEP 2: Upon receipt of the PHA onboarding package, the NNDSS Onboarding Team will review the onboarding package and contact PHA if any required items are missing. CDC will also provide an approximate timeframe for scheduling the kickoff call.

STEP 3: Participate in onboarding kickoff call to review the onboarding process.

STEP 4: Transmit the test messages required for the MMG.

STEP 5: Refine the message based on feedback from the onboarding team.

Once all issues have been addressed, CDC will email approval to start the cutover-to-production phase.

Page last reviewed: September 24, 2021