Q&A for Onboarding

Q: How do I get started with onboarding a message mapping guide (MMG)

A: To begin onboarding an MMG, jurisdictions must complete the pre-onboarding preparation phase. Get an overview of the implementation process for HL7 Case Notifications and learn how to start pre-onboarding.

Q: What are the implementation spreadsheet and test case scenario worksheet used for?

A: These documents provide CDC with key information on what a jurisdiction will be sending in their HL7 messages, which is essential for the onboarding process.

Q: How long does the onboarding process take?

A: The speed of onboarding varies depending on available resources, volume of messages, and issues identified during the onboarding process. The Onboarding Specialist works with partners to establish a customized onboarding timeline for each MMG and jurisdictions.

Q: Do I need SAMS access for arboviral v1.3 messages?

A: No, because arboviral v1.3 messages are processed in a system that does not provide information to the MVPS Dashboard, SAMS access is not required. Please review the Implementing Arboviral Case Notifications webpage for additional details about the arboviral MMG.

Q: Do I need to onboard all conditions for an MMG at the same time?

A: Yes, to streamline the transition to sending the new HL7 case notification messages, all applicable conditions for an MMG should be onboarded at one time.

Q: What level of SAMS access do I need for the MVPS Dashboard?

A: Level 2 SAMS access is required for the MVPS Dashboard. If you are unsure of your current SAMS level access or would like to request level 2 access, please email edx@cdc.gov with the Subject: “MVPS Portal Access”.

Q: How strictly does CDC review the year-to-date transmission?

A: CDC reviews the year-to-date transmission for errors, warnings, and other potential systematic issues. CDC also will ensure that all case notifications are received within MVPS.

Q: How is onboarding different with MVPS than for legacy systems?

A: Onboarding is different with MVPS in the following ways:

Technical assistance is available to support jurisdictions’ pre-onboarding efforts.

Q: How frequently should my jurisdiction’s case notification messages be transmitted to CDC?

A: To assist CDC in making timelier public health decisions, jurisdictions are requested to send as near to real-time as they are able. CDC’s current recommendation is for daily transmission of case notification messages to CDC.

Q: What is the process for jurisdictions to add conditions for an MMG they have already onboarded?

A: Public health jurisdictions who have onboarded for an NNDSS HL7 MMG and would like to onboard additional conditions for that MMG should follow this process:

  • Jurisdiction sends email to the CDC Electronic Data Exchange email inbox at edx@cdc.gov with the subject “[Jurisdiction name]: [MMG name] – Additional Conditions” with event code(s) and condition name(s) to be onboarded.
  • CDC onboarding team updates a jurisdiction’s existing information to include the new condition(s).
  • Jurisdiction transmits all existing cases of the newly added conditions for the current non-reconciled year(s).
  • CDC onboarding team sends an approval email to the jurisdiction.
  • Jurisdiction starts routine transmission of the new condition(s).