Implementing an HL7 Message Mapping Guide

On March 20, 2024, CDC ended the pause on Message Mapping Guide (MMG) onboarding. 

This page provides public health jurisdictions and CDC programs participating in the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS) with an overview of the process for implementing HL7 message mapping guides (MMGs).

Jurisdictions should email before initiating pre-onboarding or making system changes. This will facilitate discussions with CDC programs and partners. These discussions ensure the jurisdiction is aware of the latest MMG updates, capacity for onboarding, additional information to facilitate onboarding the MMG, and technical assistance options.

Roles and Responsibilities

Successful and efficient onboarding requires a cohesive effort and a shared understanding of each team’s roles and responsibilities. Learn more about roles and responsibilities in the MMG implementation process.

Phases of MMG Implementation

A jurisdiction moves through three phases to implement MMGs. (Please note that the arboviral MMG onboarding process is slightly different from other conditions. Learn about the arboviral MMG onboarding process.)


Phase 1: Pre-onboarding

Jurisdiction notifies CDC they plan to implement an MMG and prepares for onboarding.


Phase 2: Onboarding Process

The onboarding phase begins with the Onboarding Kickoff call after the jurisdiction has submitted an onboarding package that incorporates feedback from the technical assistance team. The onboarding package includes the submission and validation of limited production messages and concludes with the Cutover to Production transmission.

Routine Notification

Phase 3: Routine Notification

This phase includes routine, ongoing data transmissions in the new format.