Step-by-Step: Implementing HL7 Case Notification Messages

There are four phases that a jurisdiction moves through in the process to implement a finalized NNDSS HL7 case notification message for all conditions other than arboviral. Access the arboviral process here. All durations are approximate and may fluctuate based on availability of jurisdictions and programs.


Phase 1: Pre-onboarding Preparation

Duration: about 4-6 weeks
Includes preparing internal resources, accessing SAMS and MVPS, requesting technical assistance if needed, mapping to the HL7 message, validating test messages, and testing transport.


Phase 2: Onboarding Process

Duration: about 3-4 weeks
Includes requesting onboarding, confirming pre-onboarding work, participating in kickoff call, and correcting any test message issues.

Cutover to Production

Phase 3: Cutover to Production

Duration: about 3-4 weeks
Includes conducting system check and sending year-to-date transmissions.


Phase 4: Production

Duration: Ongoing
Includes turning off any legacy feeds and sending updates and new messages to MVPS.

Page last reviewed: September 24, 2021