Step-by-Step: Implementing Arboviral Case Notifications

Access step-by-step instructions, tools, resources, and training below that you will need to implement arboviral v1.3 HL7 case notifications.


Phase 1: Pre-onboarding Preparation

STEP 1: Conduct and document a gap analysis to compare the data elements in the Arboviral v1.3 MMG to the arboviral data elements currently collected.

  • Jurisdictions must use the APHL arboviral implementation spreadsheet, which includes identifying which data elements you collect and plan to send to CDC.

STEP 2: Update integrated surveillance system’s test and production environments by using the identified gaps with the Arboviral v1.3 MMG.

  • Jurisdictions must transition all human arboviral data into one system, preferably their integrated surveillance system.

STEP 3: Create arboviral test messages and complete APHL test case scenario document.

STEP 4: Use Message Evaluation and Testing Service (METS) to validate test messages.


Phase 2: Onboarding

STEP 5: Send email to to notify CDC that you are ready to send test messages.

  • Include your points of contact, APHL implementation spreadsheet (or equivalent), and APHL test case scenario document.

STEP 6: A CDC Onboarding specialist contacts the jurisdiction to hold a conference call to schedule sending test messages to Data Message Brokering (DMB) staging environment and to provide PHIN Messaging System (PHIN MS) service action pair for the CDC DMB staging environment.

STEP 7: Send test messages to DMB staging environment and email once complete.

STEP 8: CDC validates test messages and will contact the jurisdiction to address any identified issues.

STEP 9: When test messages pass CDC validation, an onboarding specialist provides email approval to initiate next phase of onboarding and to schedule a conference call between the jurisdiction and CDC.

Data Comparison

Phase 3: Data Comparison

STEP 10: Participate in call with CDC to discuss next steps for onboarding.

STEP 11: An onboarding specialist provides the jurisdiction with PHIN MS service action pair for CDC DMB back-up production environment and instructions for sending v1.3 YTD file and implementing the arboviral case notification freeze.

STEP 12: Prepare and send v1.3 YTD file to CDC DMB back-up production environment.

  • Freeze and queue any additional arboviral case notifications until contacted by onboarding specialist.

STEP 13: CDC validates v1.3 data and will contact the jurisdiction to address any identified issues.

Cutover to Production

Phase 4: Cutover to Production

STEP 14: When the messages pass validation, the Onboarding specialist will send an email with a timeline and instructions on how to send queued messages to CDC DMB production environment.

STEP 15: Jurisdiction is now in production.

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