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PPE Concerns?

The NIOSH Personal Protective Technology (PPT) Program and the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) want to know about potential barriers to the proper selection and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE users, their employers, and professionals who work on their behalf to protect their health can help us.

Do you have concerns regarding the following?

  • Difficulty selecting PPE
  • Understanding the term “chemical resistant”
  • Matching appropriate equipment for different exposures
  • Ability to access and acquire the proper PPE
  • Understanding laws that govern PPE
  • Comfort level of PPE
  • PPE effectiveness
  • PPE functionality
  • PPE suitability to work tasks
  • Need to change or remove PPE
  • PPE durability
Contact NPPTL

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question appears there. If your question is not listed, please contact us with your concern(s) at


National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory
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