Equitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Protections Workshop – Meeting at a Glance

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The NIOSH Personal Protective Technology Program will host a free two-day virtual workshop to highlight ongoing activities and discuss prominent issues regarding the equitable PPE protections of all United States workers. The workshop will address issues pertinent to underserved PPE user groups related to the equitable PPE use, availability, accessibility, acceptability, or knowledge. Underserved PPE user groups may include workers who are of an atypical size; members of a gender, racial, ethnic, or linguistic minority group; perform nontraditional worker activities; or are members of subdisciplines that are not the primary focus of the current PPE activities within their larger field.

Workshop Goals

  • Announce NIOSH’s commitment to a National Strategy for Equitable PPE Protections for all United States workers
  • Share information to confirm and identify underserved PPE user populations and associated gaps/challenges to equitable PPE protections across various industry sectors
  • Discuss and identify policy, market dynamic, and research gaps related to equitable PPE protections for United States workers
  • Announce future partnership opportunities


This will be a 100% virtual workshop using the Zoom meeting platform. Presentations will highlight pertinent issues, ongoing advocacy efforts, research, and knowledge gaps in this area. Additionally, facilitated discussions will be held throughout the workshop to advance the understanding of the most important issues in the field.

Day 1 – Overview of Ongoing Activities and Initiatives
  • November 8, 2022, 10am-2pm (EST)
  • Agenda – Day 1 of the workshop will consist of two sessions. The first session will focus on providing attendees with information about the ongoing activities at NIOSH that are working towards equitable PPE protections across the United States including an introduction to a planned national strategy. The second session will include informational presentations about other ongoing activities outside of NIOSH towards equitable PPE protections across the country. View the agenda.
Day 2 – Needs, Challenges, and Gap Remaining to be Addressed
  • November 9, 2022:  10am-2pm (EST)
  • Agenda –  Day 2 of the workshop will provide time for attendees to participate in facilitated discussion groups to explore the needs and challenges for equitable PPE protections within specific industry sectors as well as discuss policy, market dynamics, and research gaps in the space. Finally, future partnership opportunities will be announced by NIOSH. View the agenda.

For more information, please contact ODadmin@cdc.gov.