Module 8 – Organizational Approaches to Reducing Burnout Risk

Overview and Learning Objectives

In this module we explore organizational approaches to reducing burnout risk. These are actions that change something about the organization itself, like the work environment or policies and procedures. After reviewing this module, you should be able to:

  • Identify and describe examples of organizational approaches to reducing burnout risk that target multiple levels (Individual, Group, Leader, Organization, Overarching context; IGLOO) within a typical public health work setting.
  • Explain how organizational approaches to reducing burnout risk can affect the demands experienced by and resources available to public health workers.
  • Describe the value of supportive relationships as a resource that can protect against burnout.
  • Provide examples of practical strategies to increase quality social support among co-workers.
Questions for Reflection and/or Discussion with your Team
  1. What are examples of ways that your organization has already tried to support your health and well-being? If you cannot think of any recent examples, where are places in your daily work experiences in which you would appreciate your organization’s intervention?
  2. Of the many different organizational intervention approaches discussed in this module, can you identify a few that seem particularly relevant to your unit or team? What would it take to implement something similar in your unit or team?
  3. This module included job crafting as a way to design work to empower workers. As a group, or individually, what are examples of ways jobs could be crafted in your department or team? Provide an example of cognitive, relational, and task crafting that could apply within a work team you supervise.
  4. Reflect on times you have benefitted from the social support of your coworkers or supervisors/managers. When have you demonstrated such support to other members of your unit or team? What would help to encourage more of this type of support being shared among the people in your unit or team?
Recommended Readings and Resources