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Module 10 – Course Wrap-Up; Where Can You Go From Here?

Overview and Learning Objectives

This final module is dedicated to helping you decide which intervention strategies are most likely to be effective in your workplace. After reviewing this module, you should be able to:

  • Evaluate the benefits and challenges associated with addressing demands-resources imbalance through employee-focused and organization-focused efforts.
  • Describe the importance of taking a “whole person” or Total Worker Health® approach when intervening to protect public health workers’ health and well-being.
  • Identify the most important and/or practical intervention opportunities for your work team or department.
  • Develop at least one strategy to improve the demand-resource balance in your team or department for each of the IGLOO levels.
Burnout Intervention Planning Guide

This planning guide is designed to help you conduct your own burnout risk assessment and plan an intervention strategy.

Questions for Reflection and/or Discussion with your Team
  1. What are barriers to change in your work team?
  2. As you think about burnout prevention strategies for your team, what do you see as the most impactful thing you can likely do in the short-term?
  3. What is a goal you have for the longer-term? What would you like to see change to truly impact burnout risk?
  4. Either on your own or with your team, review the burnout risk assessment and planning guide included with this module. Discuss what you observe and the proposed strategies you develop with your team.
Recommended Readings and Resources
  • If you become interested in offering and/or evaluating a training, review the resources provided for evaluation and developing training provided by the CDC.
  • If you are looking for a useful tool for gathering data about demands and resources that impact workers in your department or broader organization, consider reviewing the NIOSH Worker Well-being Questionnaire (WellBQ)that was developed to assess common work demands, resources, and worker well-being more broadly. This questionnaire is estimated to take approximately 15 minutes to complete, if you administer the full questionnaire.
Instructions for Obtaining Continuing Education (CE)

To receive continuing education (CE) for Understanding and Preventing Burnout among Public Health Workers: Unit 3 (Web on Demand) – WD4656-102023, please visit CDC TRAIN and search for the course in the Course Catalog using 1118592.  Follow the steps below by October 20, 2025.

  1. Check the box for each type of CE you wish to apply for when registering for the course.
  2. Complete the course.
  3. Select the Mark Completed button on the course page in TRAIN.
  4. Pass the post-assessment at 75%.
  5. Complete the evaluation.

You can access your certificates and transcript by visiting Your Learning in TRAIN. No fees are charged for CDC’s CE activities.