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Long-term Care Facility Component Training

2017 NHSN LTCF Training Sessions

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LTCF Component Training

Overview of the Long-term Care Facility Component

Enrollment and Set-up

Secure Access Management Services (SAMS) Registration Process

Laboratory-identified (LabID) Event: C. difficile, MRSA, and other drug-resistant organisms

Urinary Tract Infections

Prevention Process Measures – Hand Hygiene, Gloves and Gown Adherence

Other Training Resources

New! A series of six NHSN LTCF train-the-trainer Webinars were conducted in January and February 2016 for Quality Improvement Networks (QINs) and Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs). The purpose of the Webinar training series was to provide detailed information for LTCF enrollment and reporting into the NHSN.

The trainings are useful to new and established LTCF users, as well QIN-QIO and other LTC partner organizations who may engage with LTCFs about NHSN. At the end of the six sessions, participants should be able to establish personal access through Secure Access Management Services (SAMS); complete NHSN enrollment for a facility, setup a LTCF in the NHSN; report and use NHSN to analyze C. difficile LabID events; and create and manage group access for data sharing.

Session 1: Establishing Access through Secure Access Management Services (SAMS) for Long-Term Care Facility (LTCF) Users slide set

Session 2: Long-Term Care Facility (LTCF) Enrollment in NHSN

Session 3: NHSN Set-Up for Long-Term Care Facility

Session 4: C. difficile LabID Event Reporting for Long-Term Care Facilities Using NHSN

Session 5: C. difficile LabID Event Analysis for Long-Term Care Facilities Using NHSN

Session 6: NHSN Group Function for Long Term Care Facilities