Healthy People 2000

Health Status Indicators

  1. Race/ethnicity-specific infant mortality
  2. Total deaths
  3. Motor vehicle crash deaths
  4. Work-related injury deaths
  5. Suicides
  6. Homicides
  7. Lung cancer deaths
  8. Female breast cancer deaths
  9. Cardiovascular diseases deaths
  10. Reported incidence of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  11. Reported incidence of measles
  12. Reported incidence of tuberculosis
  13. Reported incidence of primary and secondary syphilis
  14. Prevalence of low birthweight
  15. Births to adolescents
  16. Prenatal care during the first trimester
  17. Childhood poverty
  18. Proportion of persons living in counties exceeding U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards for air quality