Healthy People 2000

Priority Data Needs

  1. Children 2 years of age who have been immunized with 4-3-1 series
  2. Adults aged 65 years and older who have been immunized for pneumococcal pneumonia and influenza
  3. Assessed waterbodies that support consumable fish and swimming
  4. Women 18 years and older who have received a pap test within preceding 3 years
  5. Women 50 years and older who have received a mammogram within preceding 2 years
  6. Population insured for medical care: under 18 years and 18-64 years
  7. Population with a regular source of primary care and dental services
  8. Cigarette smoking
  9. Alcohol misuse
  10. Overweight
  11. Hypertension awareness (18 years and older)
  12. Hypercholesterolemia awareness (18 years and older)
  13. Confirmed abuse and neglect of children
  14. Children less than 5 years of age who have been tested for blood lead levels and tested and have blood lead levels greater than 15µg/dL
  15. Incidence of hepatitis B
  16. Children with one or more decayed primary or permanent teeth