NCHS Data Linkage

Linkages with the National Hospital Care Survey Data

NCHS has conducted linkages with the National Hospital Care Survey (NHCS) data and mortality information from the National Death Index (NDI), Medicare enrollment and claims data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Transformed Medicaid Statistics Information System (T-MSIS) claims data from CMS, and administrative housing assistance program data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). NHCS is designed to provide accurate and reliable health care statistics that answer key questions of interest to health care and public health professionals, researchers, and health care policy makers. The linked data expand the analytic utility of the data collected from NHCS and provide the opportunity to conduct a vast array of studies focused on the associations between a variety of health factors, health care utilization and mortality.

The linked datasets were created with support from the Office of the Secretary Patient Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund (OS-PCORTF).

For information on NHCS, please visit their webpage.

NHCS Data Linkages

NDI Mortality Data:

  • 2014 NHCS linked to 2014-2015 NDI Mortality Data
  • 2016 NHCS linked to 2016-2017 NDI Mortality Data

CMS Medicare Data:

CMS Medicaid Data:

  • 2016 NHCS linked to 2015-2017 CMS Medicaid (T-MSIS) Enrollment and Claims Data

HUD Administrative Data:

  • 2014 NHCS linked to 2013-2015 HUD Housing Assistance Program Files
  • 2016 NHCS linked to 2015-2017 HUD Housing Assistance Program Files

Linked NHCS Data Bibliography


The details of the linked data, linkage methods, and analysis considerations are available through the navigation menu on the left. For any additional questions, contact the Data Linkage Team:

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