Specimen Submission Instructions and Reagent Ordering Forms

We Need Your Specimens to Improve Public Health

We’d like to collaborate with you! You can support public health by depositing your isolates in CDC’s Arbovirus Reference Collection (ARC). The ARC offers long-term curation, maintenance, and distribution of valuable isolates. Contact the ARC staff about depositing your isolates for long-term curation, maintenance, and distribution.

If you need reagents, visit our Arboviral Reagent Ordering System.

Instructions for submitting specimens to CDC diagnostic laboratories

You can submit specimens to CDC diagnostic laboratories by completing a specimen submission form. For details, refer to one of the following pages:

Note: Diagnostic specimens are now regulated by the DOT & ICAO/IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Anyone offering packages for transport containing diagnostic sample must be trained according to these regulations. For more information, please refer to CDC’s Scientific Resources Program.

A Quick-Reference Tool for Hemolysis Status

Knowing the hemolysis status of a serum sample before testing can save time and resources. A quick-reference “Hemolysis Reference Palette” for laboratorians and phlebotomists can be used to quickly check the hemolysis status of samples.

Reagent ordering

The Division of Vector-Borne Diseases provides reagents that are not commercially available to state, local, and territorial public health laboratories for diagnostic testing of arboviruses and rickettsial zoonoses. Laboratories may request:

  • Arboviral reagents by logging into the Arboviral Reagent Ordering System.
  • Serological reagents for rickettsial disease confirmation by contacting the Division of Scientific Resources at referencereagents@cdc.gov.
  • Dengue reagents
    • For technical and product support and to obtain the CDC DENV-1-4 rRT-PCR multiplex assay and a list of qualified ancillary reagents, please contact the CDC Dengue Branch support team directly.
    • For ordering and technical support send email to: DenguePCROrdering@cdc.gov.
      • Include the following information in your message:
        • Laboratory name and address
        • Qualified contact person
        • Phone number
        • Email address
        • Shipping address