Instructions for Submitting Diagnostic Specimens for Testing by the DVBD Bacterial Diseases Branch Diagnostic and Reference Team

Within the Division of Vector-Borne Diseases, the diagnostic laboratory in the Bacterial Diseases Branch serves as a national reference diagnostic laboratory for bacterial diseases caused by Yersinia pestis, Bartonella henselae, Bartonella quintana, Francisella species, and Borrelia species. Our testing is provided free-of-charge to approved agencies.

Specimen submission guidelines

  1. Samples should be sent through your local or state public health laboratory or with their approval. Final reports of test results are returned to the local or state public health laboratory who is responsible for providing these reports to the primary submitter.
  2. Specimens must be accompanied by CDC Specimen Submission Form (CDC 50.34). Specimen information may also be submitted via the CDC Test Order and Reporting (CSTOR) Web Portal. Separate forms should be submitted for each test requested for an individual patient. Required information to be included on each submission form is listed under each specific test in the CDC test directory (links below). Who May Submit Specimens provides further guidance for sample submission and allows access to CSTOR and the Form 50.34.
  3. Packages should be mailed for receipt Tuesday-Friday and should take into consideration US federal holidays. Shipments are not received on holidays or on the weekend.
  4. Additional information including sample types, volume requirements, specimen handling, turnaround time and points of contact can be found by clicking the specific test below. You will be redirected to the CDC test directory.
  5. Test codes for BDB DRT samples:
    Test codes for BDB DRL samples
    Bartonella henselae/B. quintana Culture and Identification CDC-10561
    Bartonella henselae/B quintana Indirect Fluorescent Antibody (IFA) CDC-10486
    Bartonella quintana Molecular Detection CDC-10554
    Bartonella Special Study CDC-10297
    Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme Disease) Serology CDC-10298
    Borrelia Culture and Identification CDC-10299
    Borrelia Serology—Soft Tick Relapsing Fever CDC-10399
    Borrelia Molecular Detection – Relapsing Fever CDC-10532
    Borrelia Special Study CDC-10300
    Francisella tularensis Culture and Identification CDC-10313
    Francisella tularensis Molecular Detection CDC-10546
    Francisella tularensis Serology CDC-10314
    Francisella tularensis Special Study CDC-10315
    Yersinia pestis Culture and Identification CDC-10418
    Yersinia pestis Molecular Detection CDC-10547
    Yersinia pestis Serology CDC-10419
    Yersinia pestis Special Study CDC-10420