Radiation Emergencies

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Get Inside.

Stay Inside.

Stay Tuned.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones in a radiation emergency.

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This row (with latest info on event, and twitter feed) will be HIDDEN until an event occurs, at which point it can be updated and revealed very quickly. While this row is hidden, the “Protect yourself…” and “info for pros” blocks will rise up to this position on the page.

Latest Information about the event

Content from the JIC or from fed/state/local officials could be placed here during an actual event – otherwise this entire row (including Twitter feed) would remain hidden.

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In a radiation emergency:

Button Get Inside

Get inside a building and take shelter for at least 24 hours.

Button Stay Inside

Stay inside to reduce your exposure to radiation.

Button Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for important information about how to keep you and your family safe.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Information for Professionals

Additional Information & Resources

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about radiation emergencies.

grunge radiation sign background

Learn about different types of radiation emergencies.

open book on a yellow background

Learn what different terms related to radiation emergencies mean.

Page last reviewed: July 25, 2022
Content source: National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), Emergency Management, Radiation, and Chemical Branch