Communication Resources

Communication Tools and Resources Available for Use and Distribution

Fact Sheets

5 Things You Can Do [PDF – 234 KB] – information on how to help lower your child’s blood lead level, in English [PDF – 234 KB] and en Español [PDF – 166 KB]

All Children Can Be Exposed to Lead – real-world examples of situations where children have been exposed to lead. (Printable PDF [PDF – 1 MB])

Are You Pregnant? – information on lead poisoning prevention for pregnant women. (Printable PDFs in English [PDF – 2 MB] and en Español [PDF – 2 MB])

Blood Lead Levels in Children [PDF – 100 KB] – fact sheet with information on blood lead levels in children.

How to Prevent Lead Poisoning in Children – common sources of lead and steps to reduce your child’s risk of lead exposure. (Printable PDFs in English [PDF – 1 MB] and en Español [PDF – 1 MB])

Know the Facts – facts and information on lead poisoning prevention. (Printable PDFs in English [PDF – 977 KB] and en Español [PDF – 1 MB])


Exposure to Lead can Seriously Harm a Child’s Health – the adverse health effects of lead exposure.

Lead in the Environment Infographic – where lead can be found throughout a child’s environment.

Lead Poisoning is 100% Preventable – steps to make your home lead-safe.

Social Media Graphics

Find examples of social media graphics to share childhood lead poisoning information via social media.


Lead-Based Paint PSA – EPA video about safely renovating when there is lead-based paint in your home.

Lead Exposure – causes, symptoms, and prevention of childhood lead poisoning, in English and en Español.

Mission Unleaded: How to Test Children for Lead with Maximum Accuracy – reducing the risk of contamination during blood collection for lead testing.

Additional Materials

A Healthy Home for Everyone: The Guide for Families and Individuals [PDF – 3 MB] – booklet with information and action steps for creating a healthy and safe home.

Ethan’s House Gets Healthier with a Visit from the Lead Poisoning Prevention Team [PDF – 2.83 MB] – children’s coloring book on making a home lead safe.

Is There Lead in the Water? [PDF – 1.14 MB] – children’s activity book that parents can use to talk with their children about lead in the water.

The Lead Poisoning Words to Know from A to Z glossary [PDF – 1 MB] – dictionary that gives the meaning of words you often hear or read about lead.