Communication Resources

Communication Tools and Resources Available for Use and Distribution

Fact Sheets

5 Things You Can Do [PDF – 234 KB] – information on how to help lower your child’s blood lead level, in English [PDF – 234 KB] and en Español [PDF – 166 KB]

All Children Can Be Exposed to Lead – real-world examples of situations where children have been exposed to lead. (Printable PDF [PDF – 1 MB])

Are You Pregnant? – information on lead poisoning prevention for pregnant women. (Printable PDFs in English [PDF – 2 MB] and en Español [PDF – 2 MB])

Blood Lead Levels in Children [PDF – 100 KB] – fact sheet with information on blood lead levels in children.

CDC’s Recommended Terminology When Discussing Children’s Blood Lead Levels [PDF – 330 KB] – guidance for interpreting and discussing children’s blood lead levels.

How to Prevent Lead Poisoning in Children – common sources of lead and steps to reduce your child’s risk of lead exposure. (Printable PDFs in English [PDF – 1 MB] and en Español [PDF – 1 MB])

Know the Facts – facts and information on lead poisoning prevention. (Printable PDFs in English [PDF – 977 KB] and en Español [PDF – 1 MB])

Recalls of Children’s Products, Foods, Cosmetics, and Medicines Due to Lead Hazards. (Printable PDF [PDF – 1 MB]) – information about recalls for products that children may use or come in contact with and preventive steps to take.

Social Media Graphics

Find examples of social media graphics to share childhood lead poisoning information via social media.

Spanish Communication Resources

Find communication tools and resources available in Spanish.


Exposure to Lead can Seriously Harm a Child’s Health – the adverse health effects of lead exposure.

Lead in the Environment Infographic – where lead can be found throughout a child’s environment.

Lead Poisoning is 100% Preventable – steps to make your home lead-safe.


The Importance of Childhood Blood Lead Testing – this video provides a brief overview of why it is important to protect young children from lead exposure and the importance of blood lead testing.

Healthy Gardening: Tips for Preventing Lead Poisoning – subject matter experts discuss innovative education and outreach events called soilSHOPs (Soil Screening, Health, Outreach, and Partnership) and childhood lead poisoning prevention efforts.

All Children Can Be Exposed to Lead: CDC’s Efforts to Promote Awareness and Testing – subject matter experts discuss the many ways children can be exposed to lead and share tangible ways families can protect children from the harmful effects of lead exposure.

CDC and HRSA Partner for Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention: Guidance for Clinicians – subject matter experts provide up-to-date information about preventing exposure to lead, testing, and medical management of children with lead poisoning.

Childhood Lead Exposure in the United States: CDC’s Role in Prevention, Education, and Surveillance – subject matter experts from CDC discuss sources of lead in children’s environments, populations at higher risk, current trends among children in the U.S., prevention strategies, and current initiatives at CDC.

Lead-Based Paint PSA – EPA video about safely renovating when there is lead-based paint in your home.

Lead Exposure – causes, symptoms, and prevention of childhood lead poisoning, in English and en Español.

Mission Unleaded: How to Test Children for Lead with Maximum Accuracy – reducing the risk of contamination during blood collection for lead testing.

Additional Materials

A Healthy Home for Everyone: The Guide for Families and Individuals [PDF – 3 MB] – booklet with information and action steps for creating a healthy and safe home.

Ethan’s House Gets Healthier with a Visit from the Lead Poisoning Prevention Team [PDF – 2.83 MB] – children’s coloring book on making a home lead safe.

Is There Lead in the Water? [PDF – 1.14 MB] – children’s activity book that parents can use to talk with their children about lead in the water.

The Lead Poisoning Words to Know from A to Z glossary [PDF – 1 MB] – dictionary that gives the meaning of words you often hear or read about lead.