HHLPSS Data Management Platform

HHLPSS (Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Surveillance System) is a web-based data management platform developed and supported by the CDC for use by state and local childhood lead poisoning prevention programs (CLPPPs) to provide a centralized surveillance repository for blood lead data, environmental sampling results, and follow-up information for case management. HHLPSS is based on California’s RASSCLE II system and developed as part of a memorandum of understanding with the State of California. HHLPSS replaced CDC’s previous system STELLAR (Systematic Tracking of Elevated Lead Levels and Remediation).  This application is deployed at the state or local level and CDC does not have access or control over the data entry, analysis, or reporting.

HHLPSS provides capabilities to assist state and local CLPPPs with improved workflow case management for tracking the following lead-related activities:

  • Collection of reported blood lead test results, including importing electronic laboratory records in HL7 format;
  • Address standardization, validation, and geocoding;
  • Identification and confirmation of children with elevated blood lead levels;
  • Medical management of children with elevated blood lead levels;
  • Investigation and remediation of lead hazards in the home environment of children with elevated blood lead levels;
  • Generation of standardized reports and notification letters; and
  • Automated generation of quarterly surveillance extracts for submission to CDC.

For state and local health departments requiring technical assistance or to begin the process of using HHLPSS, please send an email to the HHLPSS support team at: HHLPSS@cdc.gov.