Thalassemia: Materials and Multimedia

Video Series on Living with Thalassemia

Aaron Cheng’s family learned he had thalassemia when he was 8 months old. In these videos, Aaron shares how he learned about thalassemia and overcame many challenges in managing his blood disorder. Aaron also shares how thalassemia influenced his passion to become a physician. Watch the four part series below: Learning about Thalassemia, Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Thalassemia Care, Managing Transfusions and Chelation, and Living with Thalassemia.

Learning about Thalassemia

Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Thalassemia Care

Managing Transfusions and Chelation

Living with Thalassemia


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Webinar and Rounds Archives
View webinars and virtual rounds on a variety of topics that focus on a collection of inherited blood disorders called the thalassemias.

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Materials from Other Organizations

Guide To Living With Thalassemia Thumbnail

Guide To Living With Thalassemia [PDF – 2.63 MB]
Learn more about how to live healthy with thalassemia by viewing this guide.

School Toolkit for Thalassemia Thumbnail

School Toolkit for Thalassemia [PDF – 1.53 MB]
View this school toolkit to learn more about how to best manage school and thalassemia transfusions for children who have thalassemia.