Funded Injury Control Research Centers (ICRCs)

University of Iowa Injury Prevention Research Center (UI IPRC)
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College of Public Health
The University of Iowa
Director: Carri Casteel, PhD, MPH
Address: 2190 WL (Westlawn), Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-467-4504
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Twitter: @UIIPRC

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The University of Iowa Injury Prevention Research Center (UI IPRC) creates knowledge to keep you safe in your home, on the road, in your workplace, and in your community. The UI IPRC collaborates with partners locally, nationally, and internationally to put research into action and trains current and next generation researchers and public health professionals.

The UI IPRC aims to reduce the burden of traumatic injuries and violence, especially among rural populations. The UI IPRC serves as an international resource on injury and violence prevention and contributes to our nation’s understanding of rural injury disparities.

The UI IPRC has grown over the last five years to include more than 65 faculty from 25 departments across campus to conduct the highest quality science. The UI IPRC puts scientific findings and best practices into action through community driven initiatives, policy initiatives, workforce development, and a partner network of over 40 entities. We offer one of the most comprehensive injury and violence prevention training programs in the nation, using cutting-edge technology, teaching innovations, and skills-based learning.

The UI IPRC facilitates innovative research and partner network meetings in the areas of seven multidisciplinary expert research teams:

  • Interpersonal Violence
  • Road Traffic Safety
  • Rural Acute Care
  • Older Adult Falls
  • Opioid Overdose
  • Occupational Injury
  • Intervention & Translational Research

These expert teams promote the growth of research within their topic areas by linking researchers to UI IPRC Core services, mentoring students and junior faculty, and engaging with community partners.

The UI IPRC houses an exploratory research program that funds 3-4 pilot grant projects each year to support junior investigators and new areas of injury and violence prevention research.

The UI IPRC is beginning several new and exciting initiatives, including:

  • a policy evaluation series,
  • a network analysis to evaluate and measure the impact of UI IPRC external partnerships,
  • an ideas lab with research collaborators to identify innovative strategies to address a focused topic area, and
  • a partner network meeting to identify research, program, or policy priorities around rural injury and violence prevention.

Core Research Projects

  • Opioid Overdose & Falls — Implementation of an Opioid Medication Care Plan to Reduce Fall Injuries Among Rural Older Adults
  • ACEs — Childhood Stressors and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Adulthood: A Longitudinal Investigation of Divergent Explanatory Models
  • Motor Vehicle Crashes — Impact of State Driver Licensing Policies on Older Driver Crash Involvement Rates
  • Sexual Violence — Translation of an Evidence-Based Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program Into Rural Community-Based Prevention Networks

Exploratory Research Project

  • ACEs — Advancing Iowa’s Research to Reduce the Burden of Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Violence and Injury — Evaluation of Rapid Response Systems and Resources in Rural Critical Access Hospitals to Reduce Unexpected Inpatient Injury and Mortality
  • Violence and Injury — Objective Measurement of Nurse Fatigue Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • ACEs — Assessing the Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Rehabilitation Programming in a Population of Adjudicated Youth