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PreteenVaxScene Webinar Series


#PreteenVaxScene Webinar Series: This recorded webinar series features important updates and resources on a variety of topics related to increasing uptake of the vaccines routinely recommended for preteens and teens.

#11 NIAM Edition: Getting Parents to Yes! Vaccine Conversations That Work for Providers & Parents
Recorded on August 25, 2017
Dr. Sharon Humiston of the Academic Pediatric Association hosts a talk show-style webinar with special guests, pediatrician Dr. Nathan Boonstra, and family physician Dr. Margot Savoy. The doctors share their best practices for effective vaccine recommendations and how to educate parents about HPV vaccine. They also give tips for what to do when parents decline or delay and highlight some useful resources.
#10 Partner Resource Showcase
Recorded on July 13, 2017 at 10:00 AM ET
Representatives from partner organizations highlight their newest HPV vaccine resources and where they can be found. Partner organizations include American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Academic Pediatric Association (APA), American Cancer Society for the HPV Vaccination Roundtable, American Cancer Society VACs Project, National AHEC Organization (NAO) and National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO).
#9 HPV Vaccination Partner Toolkit
Recorded on Thursday, January 12, 2017 3:00PM ET
Jill B Roark, MPH, lead for CDC’s Adolescent Immunization Communications, reviews the resources and features of the HPV Vaccination Partner Toolkit. While reviewing the variety of information for partners to share with parents, clinicians, and other organizations, Jill also explains navigation and structure of the site. Find the newly launched toolkit here:
#8: HPV Vaccine Schedule Change Update
Recorded on Friday, November 18, 2016 10:00AM ET
CDC’s Leadership provides guidance on the new 2-dose schedule recommendation made by the ACIP and CDC. Leadership updates include CDC’s Director of NCIRD, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, Dr. Lauri Markowitz of the Division of Viral Diseases and Dr. Melinda Wharton, Director of Immunization Services Division.
#7: Using AFIX to Empower Clinicians
Recorded on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 12:00PM ET
Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco DNP, PNP-BC, CPNP, FAANP shares her evidence-based approach in conducting AFIX visits. Dr. Koslap-Petraco is the Coordinator of Child Health at the Suffolk County Department of Health Services in Suffolk County, NY. During this webinar, she discusses how she inspires clinicians daily to change how they practice and increase their HPV vaccination rates. This webinar is geared towards AFIX coordinators, AFIX program field staff, trainers of field staff, and immunization.
#6: Importance of AFIX and Tools for Success
Recorded on Thursday, September 8, 2016 3:00PM ET
Hanan Awwad, CDC’s AFIX Lead, shares resources and tools available that can be used to make AFIX programs more responsive to the unique challenges posed by HPV vaccination. She also discusses updates and showcases AFIX materials intended to assist awardees in developing their AFIX program. This webinar is geared towards AFIX coordinators, AFIX program field staff, trainers of field staff, and immunization.
#5: AFIX Strategies for Improving HPV Vaccination Rates
Recorded on Thursday, May 19, 2016 1:00PM ET
Dr. Melissa Gilkey of Harvard Medical School discusses the tools and strategies that were used by the participating AFIX programs for improving HPV vaccination rates in the field. Chrystal Averette of the Washington Department of Health shares how, as part of this project, the DOH is implementing specific AFIX strategies in order to increase HPV vaccination rates.
#4: HPV Vaccination QI Projects & Implementation – 2015
Recorded on Friday September 18, 2015 11:00AM ET
Dr. Brian Mittman, from the Department of Veteran Affairs provides an introduction about Implementation Science theory and principles. Dr. Alix Casler MD, summarizes her practice’s multi-level approach to an HPV vaccine-focused QI project. Ms. Kia Redwine, Clinical Management Consultant, describes interventions and lessons learned from a collaborative QI project.
#3: ACIP Meeting Update/Summer HPV Vaccinations – 2015
Recorded on Friday, June 26, 2015 12:00PM ET
CDC’s Dr. Cindy Weinbaum provides a summary of the adolescent-related highlights from the June ACIP meeting. Ian Branam discusses plans and activities for National Immunization Awareness Month. And Jill Roark shares ideas to help parents & clinicians take advantage of beating the Back to School Rush.
#2: CDC’s Clinician Engagement Initiative – 2015
Recorded on Thursday, April 30, 2015 11:00AM ET
CDC’s Jill Roark introduces the key pillars of the HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention clinician engagement effort. Dr. Rebecca Perkins presents her perspective of HPV vaccine as an Ob/gyn. And Dr. Sharon Humiston offers tips for successful recommendations, focusing on how clinicians can increase acceptance and uptake.
#1: HPV Vaccine Recommendation Update – 2015
Recorded on Friday, April 3, 2015 11:00AM ET
Dr. Lauri Markowitz provides an update on HPV vaccine recommendations and a review of the HPV vaccine session that took place at the February 2015 ACIP meeting. CDC’s Dr. Tom Shimabukuro also provides an update on 9-valent HPV vaccine safety.