Continuing Education

Two women taking a training class.

CDC and Medscape provide free continuing education courses, for credit, which provide guidance on how to have an effective conversation with parents about HPV vaccination.

CE course: How Nurses and Medical Assistants Can Foster a Culture of Immunization in the Practice.

Foster a Culture of Immunization
How nurses and medical assistants can foster a culture of immunization in the practice is presented as a web-on-demand video.

Doctor talking to mother and daughter.

Making the Case: Championing for HPV Cancer Prevention in Your Practiceexternal icon
In this interactive activity, learn how you can be a champion for HPV vaccination in your practice and how to ensure your patients receive all the recommended doses of the HPV vaccine based on their age.

HPV vaccine courses.

Routinely Recommending Cancer Prevention: HPV Vaccination at 11 and 12 as a Standard of Care
Practicing physicians discuss how they follow the standard of care by making effective HPV vaccine recommendations and answering parents’ top vaccine questions in this web-on-demand video.