Content Syndication

image of how syndication works.

Display Information via Content Syndication

There are a few simple steps to have CDC’s most up-to-date content on your site, apps, and social media. This service is called, ‘content syndication’. Simply place specific code within your online digital and social media tools to display any CDC content including HPV topics.

Communicate HPV Information

Using CDC’s Content Syndication tool you can select any HPV content from a catalog of choices. It’s easy to select one or more at a time. See exact steps to make this happen.

Image of HPV syndication library


The Content Syndication tool has many benefits including

  • Updates to CDC’s content appear immediately on your site.
  • You can share content and media directly to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social networks.
  • Allows you to maintain the look-and-feel of your site while supplementing local information with relevant information from CDC.
  • Gives you choice and control of the topics and quantity of CDC content on your site.
  • Provides access to CDC information without ever requiring your visitors to leave your web site or app.
  • Shows up-to-date, trusted, science-based information on your web sites and apps.

How to Make this Happen

  1. Sign up in a few easy steps
  2. Select the content you want to display on your site.
  3. Narrow your choices to a specific topic (for example “HPV”, “HPV vaccine”, “HPV infection”, etc.).
    NOTE: If you don’t see what you want, request a specific page to be syndicated.
  4. Add the code where you want the content to appear. You can access the code on the embed code tab available when previewing content to be selected.
    See the Quick Reference Handbook [30 pages] for instructions.

Additional Assistance