Answering the Questions Parents May Have

Parents may be interested in vaccinating, yet still have questions. Some parents might just need additional reassurance from you, the clinician they trust with their child’s health care. Taking the time to answer their questions and address their concerns can help parents to accept a recommendation for HPV vaccination. Here are some simple suggestions on how you can use the resources below.

Take Action By:

  1. Share the following CDC resources with your office staff and colleagues to help create and maintain a practice culture that is supportive of vaccination and cancer prevention.
  2. Getting credit by taking the following continuing education courses to learn about effective ways to communicate with parents about HPV vaccine.
  3. Use CDC’s tools to help you make effective recommendations and answer parents’ questions about HPV vaccination.


Tips and Timesavers for talking with parents about HPV vaccine
Talking to Parents about HPV Vaccine Cdc-pdf[1 page]
Use this resource to find effective ways to answer the questions that parents have about HPV vaccination


HPV Safety Factsheet
HPV Safety Factsheet Cdc-pdf[1 page]
A one page, easy-to-read factsheet for parents that talks about HPV vaccine safety, effectiveness, and duration of protection.


How do you make the HPV vaccine recommendation, and why do you say it that way?
#HowIRecommend Video Series
In these short videos you can listen to how other providers make effective HPV vaccine recommendations, answer the questions parents have about HPV vaccine and how they help parents prevent cancer by accepting HPV vaccination for their children.


Videos: Recommending HPV vaccine and answering questions
Videos: Recommending HPV vaccine and answering questionsExternal
Minnesota Department of Health has created a 12-minute video for health care providers on HPV vaccine communication. The video begins with humorous vignettes and then presents four model clinical encounters in which providers demonstrate low-stress ways of recommending HPV vaccine and answering questions from patients and parents.


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Making the Case: Championing for HPV Cancer Prevention in Your PracticeExternal
Modeled on an interactive grand rounds approach, this new CME features cases with two adolescent patients designed to educate clinicians about current HPV vaccine recommendations, best practices for effectively recommending and addressing questions about HPV vaccination with parents of age-appropriate boys and girls, and strategies to foster team-wide collaboration for HPV vaccination in their practice.


Routinely Recommending Cancer Prevention: HPV Vaccination at 11 and 12 as a Standard of Care CE Course
Routinely Recommending Cancer Prevention: HPV Vaccination at 11 and 12 as a Standard of Care CE Course
A panel of physicians discuss how they ensure they meet the standard of care by making effective HPV vaccine recommendations and answering parents’ top vaccine questions in this web-on-demand video released on January 16, 2018. Continuing education is available until January 16, 2020.


You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention – 2018 CE Course
You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention – 2018 CE Course
This presentation is intended to support you in making effective recommendations and answering parents’ questions. Provided in this presentation is up-to-date information on HPV infection/disease, HPV vaccine, and ways to successfully communicate with parents about HPV vaccination. This CME is presented as a web-on-demand video, which was released on April 11, 2018. Continuing education is available until April 11, 2020.


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Communicating Safety and Efficacy of HPV Vaccine to Parents and PreadolescentsExternal
The goal of this activity is to inform clinicians with strategies for communicating a strong and effective HPV vaccination recommendation and providing reassuring, confident, and concise responses to parental questions about HPV vaccination to assist parents in making decisions to have their children vaccinated.


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Framing the Conversation with Parents about the HPV VaccineExternal
The goal of this activity is to educate clinicians on the importance of the HPV vaccine for children approaching adolescence and to provide strategies to educate parents about the importance of the vaccine for their child’s well-being.


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HPV in Our Midst: Understanding the Problem and Having the ConversationExternal
The goal of this activity is to enhance understanding of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and facilitate uptake of HPV vaccine.


AAP HPV Champion Tooklit
AAP HPV Champion TooklitExternal
This toolkit has some of the best resources available to help you educate other healthcare professionals, discuss HPV vaccination with parents, and make necessary changes in your practice to improve HPV vaccination rates.

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