Clinician Resources

Below are resources to educate providers on the burden of HPV disease, HPV vaccine as a primary cancer prevention tool, effective communication with parents, state vaccination rates, and the most recent HPV vaccine recommendations.

Preteen VaxScene

Preteen VaxScene Webinars
CDC’s adolescent vaccination webinar series highlights important HPV vaccine information, gives tips on how to talk to parents, and gives tools and suggestions on raising rates.

Tips and Timesavers for talking with parents about HPV vaccine

Fact sheets for Clinicians
These fact sheets offer answers to the most common questions about HPV vaccination from providers. Some of the topics include information about the full adolescent platform, HPV specific information, and a tip sheet on Talking to Parents about HPV vaccine.

Fact sheets for Parents

Fact sheets for Parents
Providers can use these CDC factsheets to help answer the questions parents may have. Providers can use these CDC fact sheets on all of the adolescent vaccines to help answer the questions parents may have.

HPV vaccine is cancer prevention

AAP HPV Champion Toolkit
This toolkit has some of the best resources available to help you educate other healthcare professionals, discuss HPV vaccination with parents, and make necessary changes in your practice to improve HPV vaccination rates.

Maintenance of Certification Activities

Maintenance of Certification Activities
This site is designed to assist eligible AAP Member pediatricians in developing, submitting, and managing a MOC related activity.

Community of Immunizers

AAP Practice Change & Education for HPV
This AAP page offers education, policy and practice-change tools that can help you improve HPV vaccination rates in your practice.

Immunization services checklist

Suggestions to Improve Your Immunization Services [3 pages]
A listing of ideas that healthcare professionals and practices can use to improve their efficiency in administering vaccines and increase their immunization rates.

HPV Vaccination Clearinghouse

HPV Vaccination Clearinghouse
As part of the ACS HPV Roundtable the resource clearinghouse is a place where resources can be found to support the implementation of strategies to increase HPV vaccination by providing both patient and provider education tools.

ACS Just the Facts Handout

ACS “Just the Facts” Handout [6 pages]
A helpful fact sheet that highlights HPV vaccination facts with supporting information and talking points.

Steps for Increasing HPV Vaccination in Practice

Steps for Increasing HPV Vaccination in Practice
An Action Guide to Implement Evidence-based Strategies for Clinicians.