Action Planning

The next step is to create an Action Plan with measurable goals based on SMART objectives [2 pages]. This plan should capture a basic timeline, with goals for each type of coalition activity. Try to limit goals to what can reasonably be accomplished and evaluated. Specifically for the first year, be sure to focus on tangible goals and action steps so that there are clear, concise next steps for individuals to accomplish. Goal setting should be a collaborative and repeating process as progress is made and new partners become involved. Also, be sure to align goals with the state cancer action plans and immunization program objectives.

Examples of SMART Objectives:

  1. AAP and AAFP chapters will jointly hold HPV vaccination webinars on strategies to increase rates, with first webinar to be scheduled for May.
  2. Immunization program will review ordering data for large practices and major health systems in area by January 2017 to prioritize AFIX visits and/or QI projects.
  3. State Comp Cancer program manager will have HPV vaccination coverage improvement added to the state cancer plan by March 2017.
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