Antimicrobial Resistance Laboratory Network (AR Lab Network)

CDC’s AR Lab Network

CDC’s Antimicrobial Resistance Laboratory Network (AR Lab Network) closes the gap between local capabilities and the data needed to combat antimicrobial resistance by providing:

  • Comprehensive lab capacity and infrastructure for antimicrobial-resistant pathogens, including bacteria and fungi
  • Cutting-edge technology, like DNA sequencing
  • Data to drive response and prevent infections

The AR Lab Network includes labs in 50 states, several cities, and Puerto Rico, including seven regional labs and the National Tuberculosis Molecular Surveillance Center (National TB Center).

With support from CDC’s Healthcare-associated Infections and Antimicrobial Resistance (HAI/AR) Program and other AR Lab Network members, participating health departments contribute to a national network that can more rapidly detect resistance, respond to outbreaks, and help control antimicrobial resistance.

Health Department Activities

Monitoring AR
Through the AR Lab Network, health department HAI/AR Programs monitor for, report, and coordinate follow-up measures when unusual AR is detected in a healthcare facility. Health departments and public health labs also provide healthcare facilities with timely lab results, recommendations, and status updates on discharges and transfers of patients with known resistance to help maintain infection prevention and control.

As part of CDC’s HAI/AR Program, health department HAI/AR Programs implement a wide range of AR Lab Network-related activities, such as:

  • Support comprehensive AR testing as part of the AR Lab Network
  • Submit isolates of interest to regional labs or CDC for additional or advanced testing as required
  • Train and provide guidance to laboratory personnel testing for AR
  • Engage and coordinate with clinical labs and healthcare facilities to participate in AR Lab Network testing
  • Coordinate with state and local HAI/AR programs, regional labs, and CDC to support action to address AR


Through supplemental funding provided by the American Rescue Plan Act, CDC awarded health departments with additional funding to expand laboratory capacity and public health infrastructure to detect AR pathogens faster and help stop spread, which are critical to preventing the spread of AR in the context of COVID-19.

Resources for Health Departments

Find AR Lab Network or Regional Lab contact information.

Explore strategies health departments can use to combat AR.

Submit isolates for testing (free of charge) with the AR Lab Network.

Increase lab efficacy and capacity by requesting isolates for test validation from the CDC & FDA AR Isolate Bank, at no cost. Samples include isolates from healthcare-associated, foodborne, and community-associated infections.