Test Before Vaccination

  • Positive dengue test result

    Laboratory confirmation of a previous dengue infection is required for vaccination with Dengvaxia.

  • Testing before vaccination will confirm that your child has had dengue before.
  • In children who have not already had dengue, the dengue vaccine increases the risk of hospitalization and severe illness if the child gets dengue after vaccination.
    • Therefore, to reduce the risk of vaccinating children who have never had dengue, a blood test can check for a previous dengue infection.
      • If the test result is positive, your child can be vaccinated.
      • If the test result is negative, your child won’t be able to get vaccinated.
        • Your child should be tested again in one or two years.

Types of testing to confirm a prior dengue infection

  • Your child’s healthcare provider will order a blood test to confirm a previous dengue infection. The healthcare provider will order a test that has been approved by the local or territorial health department.


  • If your child had a previous dengue illness that was confirmed by a specific type of laboratory test, your child may not need an additional blood test.

Talk to your child’s healthcare provider

  • Talk to your child’s healthcare provider to find out if your child is eligible for a dengue vaccine.