Registry Plus™ Abstract Plus

Abstract Plus is a free-of-charge cancer data collection tool developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that is used to summarize medical records into an electronic report of cancer diagnosis and treatment by abstractors or anyone working with cancer data. Abstract Plus supports the abstraction of all data items in national standard data sets, including all text fields, as well as any state-specific data items. The output of Abstract Plus is an electronic abstract in the format of the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries data exchange layout.

Customization. Central cancer registries can customize Abstract Plus to be used centrally, as well as for use by hospitals and other reporting sources. Although the product is not designed to include all functionality needed in an American College of Surgeons-approved hospital cancer registry, it is suitable for reporting to central registries from non-registry hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other cancer data sources.

Ease of use. Abstracts entered into Abstract Plus are validated by customizable edits, allowing for interactive error correction while abstracting. Abstract Plus includes Registry Plus Online Help, a collection of standard coding manuals that are cross-referenced, indexed, and context-linked to minimize the need for reference to printed manuals during abstracting.

Abstract Plus is programmed entirely using .NET technology. The application has a user-friendly abstracting interface that includes direct grid entry of coded values, allowing for a more streamlined abstracting experience, as well as easier viewing of text fields, online help, and edit errors.

Security features. Abstract Plus also has robust security features. All records are saved in Microsoft® Access or SQL server databases, and all tables are password-protected and encrypted using Microsoft functions. All users must have a user ID and password to access the abstracting features of the application, and access to administrative and auditor functions requires the entry of special restricted passwords. A security challenge question feature is also included in case a user forgets his or her password, which enables the user to securely reset their password without administrator intervention.

Abstract Plus User Roles

Abstract Plus users consist of abstractors, central cancer registrars, and any other individuals or groups who work with cancer data. Abstract Plus includes two types of users, or roles:

  • The abstractor or general user manages data entry and has access to all of the abstracting features of the program. Abstractors can add new abstracts, edit existing abstracts, copy, print, and delete abstracts, and can import and export abstracts in NAACCR file format. Abstractors also can view reports and update their password and personal security challenge questions. All abstractors must have a user account, and log in to the application using a user ID and password.
  • The administrator manages the setup of the program and has access to all of the abstracting features of the program described above for the general user; in addition, administrators have access to administrative features of the program. They can perform administrative functions such as managing the administrator password, creating and modifying general user accounts, specifying application preferences, and creating and managing abstracting display types. All administrators must have a general user account, and log in to the application using a user ID and password. Administrators access administrative functions using a special administrator password.
Page last reviewed: November 19, 2018