Prep Plus

Prep Plus is a program for central cancer registries. It receives North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR)-formatted abstracts from Abstract Plus, Web Plus, or other software and incorporates them into the central database.

Clients should not make any changes (additions, modifications, deletions) to the database schema objects without written approval from CDC. This includes adding triggers which can lead to performance issues within the application and can cause errors that are hard to trace. If you are interested in making changes to database tables, please contact the Registry Plus team.

Prep Plus—

  • Logs in abstracts and begins a tracking system for incoming records.
  • Applies standard NAACCR edit checks.
  • Allows further visual inspection of submitted records and error correction.
  • Produces edit reports for transmission back to the facility submitting the data.
  • Allows incorporation of locally defined processing options.

Central cancer registries that are interested in obtaining this program should contact their NPCR program consultant.