Registry Plus™ Prep Plus

Prep Plus is a program for the central registry that receives North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR)-formatted abstracts from Abstract Plus or any hospital-based software that can produce the NAACCR record format, and incorporates them into the central database. Prep Plus—

  • Logs in abstracts and begins a tracking system for incoming records.
  • Applies standard NAACCR edit checks.
  • Allows further visual inspection of submitted records and error correction.
  • Produces edit reports for transmission back to the facility submitting the data.
  • Allows incorporation of locally defined processing options.


Prep Plus is unavailable for download. Central registries interested in obtaining these programs should contact their program consultant for more information.

Future Plans

The NPCR Registry Plus development team is continually enhancing applications as required to meet the changing needs of the NPCR and the greater cancer registry community.

The Prep Plus Development Priority List is a list of development tasks prioritized by the NPCR Registry Plus development team. Each task is the direct result of meetings with the Registry Plus User Group (RPUG) as well as requests from individual cancer registries and leaders in the cancer registry field. To obtain a copy of the current Prep Plus Development Priority List, please contact

Page last reviewed: November 19, 2018