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Learning & Growing through Evaluation: State Asthma Program Evaluation Guide

CDC’s National Asthma Control Program and state asthma programs are mobilizing resources to reduce the burden of asthma in communities. This guide is intended for use by state and territorial public health departments, and groups that focus on improving asthma management practices. Sound evaluation practices can help ensure that we use those resources effectively and efficiently; that we have a means of demonstrating the value of our programs; and that we are developing a body of knowledge that tells us “what works.”

Module 1 covers the evaluation planning process and provides plan templates. The strategic evaluation plan describes the rationale, general content, scope, and sequence of evaluations to be conducted during the cooperative agreement; the individual evaluation plan describes the overall approach or design that will be used to guide an evaluation. Module 2 provides guidance, tips, and tools for implementing your evaluations, and Module 3 applies these tools to the evaluation of state asthma program partnerships.

Introduction: State Asthma Program Evaluation Guide
Download the Guide in PDF format [PDF - 374 KB]

Module 1: Evaluation and Your State Asthma Program
Download the Guide in PDF format [PDF - 2.75 MB]

For your convenience, the following tools (appendices) from the guide are available in Microsoft Word to download:

Module 2: Implementing Evaluations
Download the Guide in PDF format [PDF - 1.32 MB]

Module 3: Evaluating Partnerships
Download the Guide in PDF format [PDF - 2.13 MB]

Module 4: Evaluating Asthma Surveillance
Download the Guide in PDF format [PDF - 755 KB]