Vaccines Your Child Needs: Immunization Schedule Resources for Parents

Four babies sitting together

The recommended immunization schedule protects infants and children by providing immunity early in life, before they come into contact with potentially life-threatening diseases. Use the recommended immunization schedule and CDC’s tools to learn what vaccines your child needs and when, and to keep track as they grow.

Easy-to-read child schedule illustration

Check the schedule to see when each vaccine or series of shots is recommended for your baby. If your baby has missed any shots, talk with your child’s doctor to get them caught up on the recommended vaccines.

Recommended Immunization Schedule For Children (Birth through 6 Years)

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Answer a few questions about your child’s health history to create a personalized list of recommended vaccines. You can print the results and review them with your child’s doctor.  Also view this vaccine assessment tool in Spanish.

For more information about the recommended immunization schedule, visit CDC’s childhood immunization schedules page. For more information about vaccines for your child, visit CDC’s vaccine website for parents.