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Immunization Schedule for Infants and Children (Birth through 6 Years)

This schedule summarizes the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations for currently licensed vaccines for children birth through 6 years.

The recommended immunization schedule is designed to protect infants and children early in life when they are most vulnerable and before they are exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases.

Check the schedule for the age or age range when each vaccine or series of shots is recommended. Or create a personalized schedule that shows the recommended dates for vaccines your child needs. If your child has missed any shots, work with your child’s doctor to determine vaccination dates for the missed or skipped vaccines. If you have any questions please talk to your doctor.

2018 Immunization Schedule

Recommended Immunizations for Children (Birth through 6 years)

Recommended Vaccinations for Infants and Children

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Spanish Version (en español)

Display the Schedule on Your Website

You can display the immunization schedule in the easy-to-read format in English and/or Spanish on your website. See examples of how the schedule will appear on your website. For instructions, see display immunization schedules on your website.


Interactive Schedule Tools

Create a Schedule of Vaccines Your Child May Need

Birth through 6 Years

Make a schedule for your child, birth through 6 years of age. For a complete list of vaccinations, just select your child’s birth date. You can personalize it by adding your child’s name. Once printed, review with your child’s doctor.


Generate a Catch-Up or Accelerated Schedule

Birth through 18 Years

In three easy steps, you can use a tool to generate a catch-up or accelerated schedule  (birth through 18 years). The catch-up schedule will identify doses and timing of vaccines needed (useful when your child needs to travel must catch up on missed doses or during a disease outbreak).


Take a Quiz to See Vaccines Your Child May Need

Birth through 18 Years

Take the Childhood Vaccine Quiz to create a personalized list of recommended vaccines for your child based on his or her health history. Once printed, review with your child’s doctor.

Español: Cuestionario sobre las vacunas infantiles