Get Vaccinated Before You Travel

It’s important to plan ahead to get the shots required for all countries you and your family plan to visit.

Family of three in an airport waiting

Protect your child and family when traveling in the United States or abroad by:

Avoid getting sick or coming back home and spreading the disease to others.

Vaccinate at least a month before you travel

See your doctor when you start to plan your trip abroad. It’s important to do this well in advance.

TIP: Save time by getting routine vaccines during the same doctor visit. Use the Vaccine Self-Assessment Tool and discuss the results with your doctor. It tells you which U.S. recommended vaccines you (19 years and older) or your child (birth – 18 years) might need.

Last-minute travelers

When traveling to another country be aware your doctor may not carry a travel vaccine and you may have to visit a medical clinic.

Many travel vaccines require multiple shots or take time to become fully effective. But some multiple-dose vaccines (like hepatitis A) can still give you partial protection after just one dose. Some can also be given on an “accelerated schedule,” meaning doses are given in a shorter period of time.