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Infant and Childhood Immunization Resources

These resources provide information to better help you understand vaccines for infants and children.

Easy-to Read Immunization Schedules

Create a Personalized Vaccine Schedule

Create a Schedule of Vaccines Needed Since Birth
Make a Schedule for Your Child for those birth through 6 years. For a complete list of recommended immunizations, just select your child’s birth date. You can personalize it by adding your child’s name. Once printed, review with your child’s doctor.

Take the Childhood Vaccine Quiz to create a personalized list of recommended vaccines for your child based on his or her health history. Once printed, review with your child’s doctor.

View the quiz in Spanish.

Immunization Tracker

This 2-page immunization tracker [2 pages] will help you to record your child’s immunizations, developmental milestones, and growth at each well-child visit.



Learn about the journey of a childhood vaccine’s development, from lab testing through safety monitoring. This video explains the three phases of clinical trials, vaccine licensing and manufacturing, how a vaccine is added to the U.S. recommended immunization schedule, and how FDA and CDC continue to monitor vaccine safety after the public begins using the vaccine.


Immunization Baby Book
Learn what vaccines your child needs, when they are recommended, and why it is so important to follow the CDC’s recommended immunization schedule as you flip through this video baby book.


Get the Picture: Childhood Immunizations
After talking with parents across the country, CDC put together this short video to help answer the tough questions that real moms had about childhood immunizations. Understanding the importance of vaccines is crucial for you to protect your children’s health.


Useful Lists

See easy-to-digest information, specifically:


9 Things to Make Vaccines Less Stressful… For You and Your Baby
English | Spanish




Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Tiles
These small infographics detail bacterial and viral diseases that childhood vaccines protect against.


Measles: More than just a little rash
This infographic details the symptoms of measles, how it is spread, and how it can be prevented – the MMR vaccine. Learn more about this serious disease.


Mumps: More than just swollen glands
This infographic details the symptoms of mumps, how it is spread, and how it can be prevented – the MMR vaccine. Learn more about this serious disease.


Whooping Cough: More than just a cough
This infographic details the symptoms of whooping cough (pertussis), how it is spread, and how to help prevent it in children — the DTaP vaccine. Learn more about this serious disease.


Journey of Your Child’s Vaccine
This infographic provides an overview of how new vaccines are developed, approved, and manufactured, how they are added to the United States’ childhood immunization schedule, and how vaccine safety continues to be monitored after introduction.


How Vaccines Strengthen Your Baby’s Immune System
This infographic describes how vaccines help your baby’s immune system to recognize and fight serious diseases.

See Spanish version.


Fact Sheets and Booklets


Disease fact sheets

Diseases and the Vaccines that Prevent Them
Basic and in-depth fact sheets list disease symptoms and complications as well as benefits and risks for vaccination. Some available in Spanish. 8-1/2″ x 11″.


How to Hold Your Child during Vaccinations [1 page]
Comforting ways to hold your child during vaccination.


Tips for a Less Stressful Shot Visit [1 page]
Ways you can support your child before, during and after shots.


Understanding Vaccines and Vaccine Safety
In-depth fact sheets about vaccine testing, safety, monitoring, and the process for establishing the U.S. immunization schedule.


Parent’s Guide to Childhood Immunizations
The 60-page booklet offers an overview of how vaccines work and how to prepare for a doctor’s visit.


Radio and Television PSAs

Television PSAs

One Spanish-language and three English-language videos of varying length are available free of charge for reproduction, and free or paid television placement. Resources cannot be manipulated or changed. These videos are also available on YouTube.

Click to preview the low-resolution version and to download broadcast-standard video.

Broadcast-quality, English language

Protect Your Baby with Immunization
30 seconds
This live-action video provides an amusing, real-life glimpse into the world of parents and babies. The emphasis is on what parents are willing to do to keep their children protected, including immunization.


Babies on the Move: Protection Babies with Vaccination
30 seconds and 60 seconds
The messages in this animated PSA emphasize how parents can protect their child from 14 diseases before they turn 2 years old by making sure they get all of the safe, proven protection of vaccines according to CDC’s recommended immunization schedule.


Vaccination: A Key Piece of the Puzzle
30 seconds and 60 seconds
This animated PSA emphasizes that vaccines are the key piece of the puzzle that helps parents keep their babies healthy and protected from serious childhood diseases.


Broadcast-quality, Spanish language

Visite al Doctor
30 seconds
This live-action video depicts parents visiting the pediatrician with their young child. The doctor explains to the parents the importance of timely vaccination.


Radio PSAs

30 seconds and 60 seconds
These broadcast-quality audio files complement the messages of the broadcast-quality television spots. The English radio PSAs emphasize what parents are willing to do to keep their children protected, including immunization. The Spanish radio PSAs depict a doctor explaining to parents the importance of timely vaccination of their young daughter.

Print Ads and Posters

Ads and posters in various sizes both color and back-and-white, in English and Spanish. They may be downloaded, copied, and distributed without alteration free of charge.

Growth Charts

Growth Chart

Review this growth chart [2 pages] to learn about recommended vaccines and developmental milestones by age.


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