Mumps Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Infographic

Mumps. More than just swollen glands.

Infographic: Mumps. More than just swollen glands.

Mumps (Text Version)

More than just swollen glands

Mumps can be dangerous

[Illustration of head profile with brain and ear]

Before there was a vaccine, mumps was one of the most common causes of:

  • Deafness and
  • Meningitis (infection of the brain and spinal cord covering) in childhood.

Mumps can also lead to

  • Encephalitis (swelling of the brain) in some children.

Symptoms of Mumps

[Illustration of young child with text and arrows pointing to various parts of the body]



Swollen glands under the ears or jaw

Muscle aches

Mumps is Contagious

Here’s how it’s spread…

Coughing and sneezing

[Illustration of two people facing each other; one is coughing and sneezing, spraying particles]

Touching objects or surfaces with unwashed hands

[Illustration of particles on sippy cup and on hand touching the sippy cup]

Measles in the United States

From year to year, mumps cases in the U.S. range from roughly a couple hundred to a couple thousand.

[Graphic of U.S. map covered with dots]

Protect Your Child

The MMR vaccine protects against measles, mumps and rubella. Doctors recommend that your child get 2 doses of MMR for best protection. Your child will need one dose at each of the following ages…

Dose #1 at 12 through 15 months

Dose #2 at 4 through 6 years

Immunization. Power to Protect

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