Principles of STD Supervision (Principles)

(Companion course to STDIS)

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How to Apply: Visit CDC TRAIN at http://cdc.train.orgExternal. All courses are free of charge to eligible participants who have been approved to attend by their managers; however, PDQIB cannot pay for any travel or per diem expenses associated with these courses.

Background: This four-day course is designed to develop supervisory communication required to guide, facilitate, and develop employees. Principles concentrates heavily on the involved supervisory (day-to-day performance review, observation, and feedback skills), and the development of associated communication and problem-solving skills. The Principles participant must be technically competent in the disease intervention process and all steps of case management.

Objective: By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Describe involved supervision and six primary supervisory functions,
  • Demonstrate assertiveness, active and reflective listing skills in role plays,
  • Demonstrate the four steps of providing effective feedback,
  • Demonstrate the five steps of constructive confrontation,
  • Describe the components of effective documentation and improve file building capabilities,
  • Improve recognition and problem solving capabilities,
  • Identify and apply methods associated with employee motivation.

Methods: The course consists of lectures, discussions, interactive role plays, and group exercises developed to enhance supervisory communication and problem solving skills.

Eligibility: This course is targeted to FLS of DIS. Priority candidates are new (within the last year) or soon-to-be Federal, state or local FLS of DIS.

Pre-requisites: Participants are strongly encouraged to have completed the STD Intervention for Supervisors (STDIS) course. Principles should be completed within one year of assuming the position of FLS.

Minimum/Maximum Number of Participants: The course is designed for 12 to 15 participants and enrollment will be limited to 15, unless approved in advance by PDQIB. Enrollment of fewer than eight may require cancellation of course. Local “sponsoring” agency may enroll no more than eight participants. The remaining slots will be opened to surrounding areas.