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About CDC Learning Connection

Key points

  • CDC Learning Connection carefully curates high-quality training that is federally funded.
  • Each month, CDC Learning Connection highlights new trainings for public health and healthcare professionals.
  • You can get regular updates on featured trainings by subscribing to the newsletter.
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CDC Learning Connection helps public health and healthcare professionals stay informed about quality trainings from CDC and federally funded partners. We carefully search for high quality trainings that address priority public health topics and each month, we promote featured trainings via a newsletter, social media, and partner outreach. This service makes it easier for public health professionals to continue to increase their knowledge and skills through curation of relevant trainings.

How We Select Featured Trainings

All featured trainings are federally funded, publicly available, and designed for public health and healthcare professionals. Many offer continuing education (CE). We use the CDC Quality Training Standards to review trainings for promotion.

Featured trainings must:

  • Meet the definition of training.
  • Use clear and measurable learning objectives that match training content.
  • Contain accurate and relevant content.
  • Include opportunities for learner engagement.
  • Have a user-friendly interface and navigation.
  • Include an opportunity for learner assessment that provides feedback to the learner.
  • Provide follow-up support for the learner.
  • Have no major technical issues.

We are more likely to promote trainings that:

  • Offer continuing education (CE).
  • Meet a national need for training (like an area of training need from the Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey [PH WINS]).
  • Address an important public health priority.
  • Have the Quality Training Standards icon in TRAIN.
  • Are featured on the Public Health Learning Navigator, another source for quality, curated, learning opportunities.