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Prepare Before You’re There

Prepare Before You’re There is a new campaign to make sexual health intentional.

Research shows that people may not believe they are at risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), even if they’re engaging in risky behavior. As a result, they don’t take steps to keep themselves healthy. Additionally, some report that unplanned sex makes condom use or in-depth conversations about risk “in the moment” unrealistic. This campaign can help people work around those barriers.

Here’s how it works:

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Take a brief, interactive quiz to see if you're at risk for an STI
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After completing the quiz, access resources and tools that can help you make a “game plan” in advance

STD Prevention Partners: If you’d like to promote Prepare Before You’re There to your audiences, please be sure to visit Campaign Materials below, where you can find sample social media and graphics sized for social media and the web. You are welcome to tailor messaging across the website for your target audience.