Talk. Test. Treat.

"Talk. Test. Treat." Banner. Illustration of doctor and patients.

Talk. Test. Treat. is a campaign that encourages individuals and health care providers to take three simple actions – Talk. Test. Treat. – to protect their health, the health of their partners, and that of their patients. The campaign reinforces that all STDs are preventable and treatable, and most are curable.

This year, the campaign also includes graphics with different STD care strategies that our partners have adopted or expanded on during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage partners to promote their local options when using this campaign.

STD Prevention Partners: Click on the Individuals or Providers box below to view a page filled with messages and helpful links that you can customize for your target audience. From the Campaign Materials box, you can access the complete suite of materials developed specifically for the campaign, including sample social media and graphics sized for social media and the web.