The Conversation Badge

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Start the Conversation with the Conversation Badge

It may seem awkward, but talking openly and honestly about sex and your sexual health—before entering into a sexual relationship—is an important part of protecting one another from infection.

What is the Conversation Badge?
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The CDC’s Conversation Badge is a visual tool to help you start a conversation about STIs and sexual wellness without the stigma.

Think of the Badge as a digital conversation starter for dating apps. By adding it to your online dating profile, you are acknowledging sexual health as the important topic it is while inviting your like-minded matches to discuss things like STIs and how to protect each other in a casual, judgement-free environment.

Displaying it doesn’t mean you’re STI-tested or STI-free, nor does it mean you’re necessarily looking to start a sexual relationship. However, it can help you start these conversations when the time is right.

How do you use the badge?

There are a few ways. You can right-click + save from select badges below and display it on your profile like you would any other photo. You can also add it directly to one of your profile pictures with these steps:

  1. Right-click + save from select badges below.
  2. Import your picture and the badge into your favorite photo editing app.
  3. Resize and layer the badge over the photo.
  4. Save to your camera roll.
  5. Import into your preferred dating app and then select as your profile picture.
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Conversation Badges
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