STI Awareness Week Toolkit

STD Awareness Week Toolkit

This toolkit functions as a guide to help users apply different campaigns to their STI Awareness Week activities.

What’s Included?

  • Tips on how to use the campaigns to enhance your planned activities
  • Things to consider during implementation
  • A collection of helpful resources to use during STI Awareness Week and beyond

Getting Started

Our goal is for these campaigns to help you, our prevention partners, address the unique needs of the communities you serve and extend the reach of your STI prevention services. You can choose from three campaigns:

  • GYT: Get Yourself Tested
  • Prepare Before You’re There
  • Talk. Test. Treat.

Each campaign focuses on different aspects of STI prevention and varies in target audiences. Each offers complementary resources, materials, and content you can tailor as you see fit. You may want to focus on one campaign entirely or to select and curate elements from different campaigns.

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Step 2
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