Strengthening the Public Health Systems and Services in the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands

CDC’s Center for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support (CSTLTS) has published a five-year notice of funding opportunity (NOFO). The non-research cooperative agreement aims to improve the quality, performance, and sustainability of US-Affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPI) governmental and nongovernmental components of the public health system through capacity-building assistance.

NOFO Information

NOFO Applications

CDC-RFA-OT21-2101: Strengthening the Public Health System and Service in the US-Affiliated Pacific Islandsexternal icon.

Program Purpose

The purpose of this new funding initiative is to provide capacity-building assistance through a regional, nonprofit organization to strengthen the USAPI’s public health leadership, workforce, and public health systems and infrastructure.

Program Strategies

  • Public health workforce: Activities to enable improvement of competencies and resources to strengthen leadership and workforce development
  • Public health system and infrastructure: Activities to strengthen system and agency needs and determine steps to improve operational capacity
    • Sub-strategies: Accountability performance management, quality improvement; business process improvement; communications; financial management; and improved information technology systems
  • Public health laws and policies: Activities to improve the ability to interpret and inform laws, including statutes and regulations, and health policies
  • Translation and implementation of evidence-based public health practices and services for USAPI population:  Activities to strengthen the delivery of essential public health services
  • Public health monitoring and surveillance systems: Activities to increase the capacity to support collection, integration, maintenance, dissemination, and interpretation of data across the public health system
  • Communications: Activities to improve the use of communications to affect health decisions and actions
  • Partnerships: Activities to improve the establishment and maintenance of results-driven partnerships

Funding Period

All funded activities must adhere to the following period of performance and budget period:

  • Period of Performance Length: 5 years (August 1, 2021–July 31, 2026)
  • Budget Period Length: 12 months, each year: (August 1–July 31)
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Page last reviewed: May 17, 2021