SEALS Training Modules and State Contacts

Training Modules

Module 1: Introduction

This training provides an overview of the SEALS database, its purpose, and how users can benefit from using SEALS.

Module 2: State Admin Users

This training is for state users of SEALS. This video:

  • Describes a State Admin User’s access rights;
  • Explains what tasks a State Admin User can and cannot do in SEALS;
  • How to add a local school sealant program to SEALS;
  • How to create new user accounts;
  • How to navigate the local-level taskbars to view program data and characteristics.

Module 3: Local Program Users

This training is for Local Program Users. This video:

  • Describes a Local Program User’s access rights;
  • Explains what a Program User can and cannot do;
  • The various uses of the different taskbars (Add Users, Add Schools, Program Options, Cost Options, Add Event);
  • How the entry and display of aggregate child data differs from detailed child-level data and how selecting either option affects an SSP’s ability to access data and generate reports.

Module 4: Exporting Reports

This training describes how to generate cost and impact reports, and how to use reports to inform decisions.

State Contacts

State School Sealant Program Administrator Contact Information
Arkansas Matthew Ramsey  
Colorado No contact listed. No contact listed.
Connecticut Maryanne Goss  
Florida Jennifer (Jenny) Wahby
Georgia Jorge Bernal
Hawaii No contact listed. No contact listed.
Idaho Misty Robertson 
Iowa Stephanie Chickering 
Kansas Amalia Almeida
Louisiana Kristi Mellion
Louisiana Kayla Noll
Maryland Giselle Bonilla 
Michigan Jill Moore 
Minnesota Prasida Khanal
Missouri Julie Boeckman
Mississippi Brieah Hudson 
Mississippi Seymone Powell Lewis
Montana Laura Hagood 
New Hampshire Laural Dillon
New York Leah Sauer 
North Dakota Cheri Kiefer 
North Dakota Toni Hruby
Pennsylvania Jan Michele Miller
Rhode Island Veronica Rosa-DaFonseca
South Carolina Wesley Gravelle, MPH
South Carolina Alicia Johnston
Vermont Debora Teixeira
Virginia Sharon Logue
Virginia Lynn Browder 
West Virginia Ravi Parker 
Wisconsin Robbyn Kuester