Targeted Clinical Preventive Services & Health Systems Changes

State oral health programs should implement strategies to affect the delivery of targeted clinical preventive services and health systems changes. These goals may be achieved by a combination of the following:

  • Collaborate with Medicaid providers to increase access to and use pediatric oral health preventive services within Medicaid and CHIP populations.
  • Pilot strategies to increase oral health literacy skills so that patients may better navigate their health systems.
  • Implement strategies to integrate oral health services into overall health such as supporting inter-professional and school- and community-based collaborations to improve oral health and oral health care.
  • Identify and address oral health strategies to promote oral health in those affected by disparities (rural, ethnic or minority, older adults, or low-income), for example, implement Basic Screening Surveys in older adults or Head Start programs.
  • Increase awareness and implementation of CDC Guidelines for Infection Prevention & Control.