Extramural Research and Training Programs

The NIOSH extramural research and training programs include diverse portfolios of investigator initiated research, mentored research scientist career development awards, training programs, and small business innovation research projects. Multidisciplinary education and research centers and state surveillance programs complement the breadth and depth of extramural research and training at NIOSH.

A description of these portfolios is available along with links to current performance data. Extramural performance data includes a listing of all active awards, extramural funding summary by activity and year, extramural research impact examples, and research funding success rates. A link to the NIH Research Reporting Online Reporting Tools (RePORT) provides access to reports, data and analysis of all NIH research. NIOSH participates in this program and you can search NIOSH funded reports by selecting CDC-NIOSH in the Agency /Institute/Center field on the query page.

The peer review and program management of the NIOSH extramural research and training program portfolios is managed by the scientific program officials in the Office of Extramural Programs (OEP). The OEP also manages the extramural portfolio of cooperative agreements for the World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP). This portfolio includes the WTCHP Registry, research projects, and outreach activities.

Please see a list of all currently funded grant awards and funding opportunities for current grant opportunities at NIOSH.  Additionally, check out the priority goals for extramural research, which individuals are encouraged to consider when applying for grants.

News and Notices

NIOSH Extramural Research and Training Program Annual Report Released
The FY2020 NIOSH Extramural Research and Training Program Annual Report is now available. This document provides information on how NIOSH invested in its multidisciplinary centers, investigator-initiated research projects, and cooperative research agreements. It also reports on NIOSH training project grants, state surveillance programs, small business innovation research and the World Trade Center Health Program’s extramural portfolio of cooperative agreements

Check out the following information in the April and May issues of NIOSH eNews related to extramural research and training grantees:

May 2022
New Ag Center resources focused on avian influenza outbreaks: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Toolkit; Poultry Growers Facility Playbook;  Monthly Safety Blasts April News Update—Avian Flu; Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Resources; and FarmSafe Podcast—Avian Influenza
CPWR Update: April 2022 (newsletter)
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Center for Work, Health & Well-Being March 2022 Newsletter

April 2022
New Report Examines Suicides in Massachusetts by Industry and Occupation
New Publication on Occupation and Risk Related to Traumatic Brain Injury
Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety March 2022 Newsletter
Center for Health, Work & Environment March 2022 Newsletter
Announcing Oregon Healthy Workforce Center’s Annual Report

NIOSH Extramural Funding Distribution FY2022
data for the above graphic
Grant Type Total Awarded n Percent of total
Research & Career Development Grants $15,794,625 53 14.8%
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) $3,215,273 10 3.0%
Specialty Training Programs $7,901,347 33 7.4%
Multidisciplinary Centers $67,573,412 41 63.3%
Cooperative Research Agreements $12,315,013 29 11.5%
Total FY22 $106,799,670 166 100.0%
NIOSH Surveillance and Extramural Programs by HHS Region

OEP US Map by HHS Regions

Summary of All Awards by Type of Funding in FY2022
Award Summary
Award Category
Award Mechanism
Number of Awards
Multidisciplinary Centers
Education and Research Centers Training Grant (T42) 18 $30,345,061
Agriculture Safety and Health Centers Cooperative Research Agreement (U54) 12 $18,757,015
National Center for Construction Research & Training Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 1 $5,750,000
Centers of Excellence to Promote a Healthier Workforce Cooperative Research Agreement (U19) 10 $12,721,336
Investigator-Initiated Research Grants
Research Grants Investigator Initiated (R01, R03, R21, R13, U13) 44 $14,550,821
National Robotics Initiative Intra-Agency Research Grant Agreements 2 $487,972
Career Developmental Research Mentored Career Scientist (K01) 7 $755,832
Other Research (Cooperative Agreements)
Surveillance Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 23 $7,209,081
Underground Mine Evacuation Technologies and Human Factors Research Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 2 $2,916,282
Mesothelioma Tissue Bank Cooperative Research Agreement (U24) 1 $1,054,341
Commercial Fishing Occupational Safety Research Cooperative Research Agreement (U01) 2 $1,130,309
Occupational Safety & Health Surveillance Collaboration, Education & Translation Cooperative Research Agreement (U24) 1 $5,000
Specialty Training Programs
Training Project Grants  T03 28 $5,087,714
Miner Safety and Health Training Program Cooperative Research Agreement (U60) 2 $970,003
Commercial Fishing Occupational Safety Training T03 3 $1,843,630
Small Business Innovation Research
Small Business Innovation Research Phase I (R43) & Phase II (R44) 10 $3,215,273
Total Extramural Funding