OSHA Hazard Communication Standard and OSHA Guidelines

Containers labeled flammable liquid 3 on them.

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OSHA Hazard Communication Standard

The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard is designed to ensure chemical safety in the workplace. The standard, which requires workplaces to provide written information about the identities and hazards associated with the chemicals, must be available and understandable to workers.

This standard requires employers using hazardous chemicals to comply with four main requirements:

  • Ensuring the proper chemical labeling on containers
  • Providing Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)
  • Providing information and training to employees about chemical hazards in the workplace
  • Developing and maintaining a written hazard communication program

OSHA Guidelines

OSHA provides guidance documents that are advisory in nature and informational in content. They are not standards or regulations but are intended to assist employers in providing a safe and healthy workplace. OSHA’s guidance documents also provide factual information for employees. OSHA has numerous guidance documents and fact sheets in many subject areas including healthcare. Examples include: