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Module 3

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Prevention and Control of Work-Related Injury and Illness

Note: If you must stop before the end of the course, be sure to remember the module number and section where you stop so you do not have to start the course from the beginning when returning.

Competency: Describe strategies for the prevention, reduction, and control of work-related injury and illness in healthcare settings.


  • Describe the meaning of the hierarchy of controls.
  • Describe each element of the hierarchy of controls and give examples.

Preventing and controlling exposures to occupational hazards are the fundamental methods of protecting workers from work-related hazards. Traditionally, a hierarchy of controls starts with hazard elimination/substitution in the workplace and is the most effective means of hazard prevention and foundational to hazard and risk reduction. This is followed by engineering controls, administrative and work practice controls, and use of personal protective equipment as strategies for feasible and effective prevention and control solutions. Workplace programs should emphasize elimination of workplace safety and health hazards as the primary goal.