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Engage Healthcare Worker Champions and Observe Work

Engage Healthcare Worker Champions and Involvement

Engaging healthcare worker champions involves:

  • Identifying and train healthcare worker champions across all disciplines and settings (e.g., direct care providers, supervisors, and volunteers) to observe and provide information or referral to appropriate worker support systems for worker safety requirements (Rogers, 2020).
  • Reporting results of best practices from the literature and from professional organizations and develop plans for best practice integration as appropriate (Rugs et al., 2013).
  • Providing and promote “on-the-spot” guidance when necessary.
  • Meeting with champions regularly to evaluate progress for safety integration and maintenance.

Observe the Work

Observing the work is important. This includes:

  • Providing leadership rounds on environment of care activities on a routine basis.
  • Observing tasks at the direct care provider levels to “catch staff in the safe act” i.e., performing a function, task, or procedure in a safe and competent manner.
  • Providing practice guidance when needed.