Tutorial Formats

/*formats used for NHANES web tutorial*/

proc format;

      value agefmt  

                  1='Age 20-39'

                  2='Age 40-59'

                  3='Age 60+';

      value age1fmt    

                  1='20-29 years'

                  2='30-39 years'

                  3='40-49 years'

                  4='50-59 years'

                  5='60-69 years'

                  6='70 years and older';

      value bmifmt

                  1='BMI <25'

                  2='25<= BMI <30'

                  3='BMI >=30';

value bpfmt

                  1 ='hypertension'

                  0 ='no hypertension';

      value chfmt

                  1 ='high cholesterol'

                  0 ='not high cholesterol';                      

      value csz1fmt /*1st blood pressure cuff size recode(SUDAAN)*/





      value csz2fmt /*2nd blood pressure cuff size recode (SAS)*/





      value educ

                  1="< HS"


                  3="> HS";

      value hbpfmt

                  1 = 'high BP'

                  2 = 'low BP';    

      value hbp2fmt

                100 = 'high BP'

            0 = 'No high BP';

      value race  1='Mexican American'
                  2='Other Hispanic'
                  3='Non-Hispanic White'
                  4='Non-Hispanic Black'
                  5='Other Race - Including Multi-Racial'

      value racefmt 

                  1='NH White'

                  2='NH Black'

                  3='Mexican American'

                  4='Other race/ethn';


      value rac2fmt

                  1='Mexican American'

                  3='Non-Hispanic White'
                  4='Non-Hispanic Black'

      value race3fmt

                  1='Mexican American'

                  2='Non-Hispanic black'

                  5='Non-Hispanic white';

      value selfmt

                  1 = 'Age ge 20'

                  2 = 'Age lt 20';       
      value sexfmt



      value sex2fmt

                  1 = 'Female'

                  2 = 'Male';

      value smkfmt

                  1='Never smoker'

                  2='Past smoker'

                  3='Current smoker';                         

      value yesno




format age3cat age  agefmt.

       age1         age1fmt.

       bmigrp       bmifmt.

       hyper        bpfmt.

       HLP Hicol    chfmt.

 bpacsz       csz1fmt. (SUDAAN recode for bpacsz)

 bpacsz       csz2fmt.

 dmdeduc      educ.

       HBP          hbpfmt.

 hbpx        hbp2fmt.

       ridreth1     race.

       raceth race  racefmt.

       ridreth1     race2fmt.

       ethn         race3fmt.

       sel          selfmt.

       riagendr     sexfmt.

       sex          sex2fmt. (linear regression)           

       smoker       smkfmt.               

       SBP140 DBP90 HBP_trt HBP HLP_lab HLP_trt HLP yesno.





      /*Create age categorical variable*/

       if      (20 <= ridageyr <= 39) then age3cat=1;

       else if (40 <= ridageyr <= 59) then age3cat=2;

       else if        ridageyr >= 60  then age3cat


       age = .;

       if 20 LE ridageyr LE 39 then age=1;

       if 40 LE ridageyr LE 59 then age=2;  

       if       ridageyr GE 60 then age=3


      age1 = .;

      if 20 LE ridageyr LE 29 then age1=1;

      if 30 LE ridageyr LE 39 then age1=2;

      if 40 LE ridageyr LE 49 then age1=3;

      if 50 LE ridageyr LE 59 then age1=4;

      if 60 LE ridageyr LE 69 then age1=5;

      if       ridageyr GE 70 then age1=6;  


      /*define variable for subpopulation ge 20 and le 20*/

      if ridageyr ge 20 then sel=1;

      else sel=2;




*Create an indicator of hypertension based on average blood pressure variables on datafile (systolic blood pressure-bpxsar); (diastolic blood pressure-bpxdar); and medication;


if (bpxsar >= 140 or bpxdar >= 90 or bpq050a = 1) then Hyper = 1;

      else if (bpxsar ne . and bpxdar ne .) then Hyper = 0;



/*Count Number of Non-missing Systolic Blood Pressure(SBP) &    Diastolic Blood Pressure(DBP)*/

      n_sbp = n(of bpxsy1-bpxsy4);

      n_dbp = n(of bpxdi1-bpxdi4);

      *Set DBP values of 0 as missing for calculating average;

      array _DBP bpxdi1-bpxdi4;

      do over _DBP;

      if (_DBP = 0) then _DBP = .;


      *Calculate mean SBP and DBP;

      mean_sbp = mean(of bpxsy1-bpxsy4);

      mean_dbp = mean(of bpxdi1-bpxdi4);

      /*Define hypertension based on questionnaire and exam data*/

      if BPQ050a=1 then HBP_trt=1;

      else if BPQ020 in (1,2) and BPQ050a < 7 then HBP_trt=0;

      if n_sbp>0 and n_dbp>0 then do;

            if mean_sbp>=140 then SBP140=1;

            else SBP140=0;

            if mean_dbp>=90 then DBP90=1;

            else DBP90=0;


      if HBP_trt>=0 and SBP140>=0 and DBP90>=0 then do;

            if HBP_trt=1 or SBP140=1 or DBP90=1 then HBP=1;

            else HBP=0;



      ********if coded as HBP=1; HBP=2;******************


          if HBP_trt>=0 and SBP140>=0 and DBP90>=0 then do;

      if HBP_trt=1 or SBP140=1 or DBP90=1 then HBP=1;

            else HBP=2;



/*Define high blood pressure as continuous for some analytic   procedures*/


     if hbp =1 then hbpx =100;

     if hbp =2 then hbpx =0;



/*The recode statement in SUDAAN merges infant and child blood pressure cuff sizes to create four  levels of cuff size.*/

      recode bpacsz = (1 3 4 5);

      rformat bpacsz csz1fmt.;


/*In SAS, a format can be used to merge infant and child blood pressure cuff sizes*/.


      table riagendr*bpacsz/col row nostd nowt wchisq wllchisq;

format bpacsz csz2fmt.;




      /*Create bmi groups;*/

      if       0 <= bmxbmi  <25 then bmigrp=1;

      else if 25 <= bmxbmi  <30 then bmigrp=2;

      else if       bmxbmi >=30 then bmigrp=3;




/*Define high cholesterol based on questionnaire and lab data*/

      if BPQ100d=1 then HLP_trt=1;

      else if BPQ080 in (1,2) and BPQ100d<7 then HLP_trt=0;

      if lbxtc>=240 then HLP_lab=1;

      else if lbxtc>=0 then HLP_lab=0;


      if HLP_lab>=0 and HLP_trt>=0 then do;

            if HLP_lab=1 or HLP_trt=1 then HLP=1;

            else HLP=0;




*create an indicator of high cholesterol based on total cholesterol and medication;

      if (lbxtc>=240 or bpq100d = 1) then HiChol = 1;

      else if (lbxtc ne . ) then HiChol = 0;




/*for input to SAS PROC SURVEYREG - recode gender so that men is   the reference group (linear regression)*/

      if riagendr eq 1 then sex=2;

      else if riagendr eq 2 then sex=1;




/*Regroup race/ethnicity (ridreth1) as 4 categories*/


      if ridreth1=3 then raceth=1;         /*Non-Hispanic White*/

      else if ridreth1=4 then raceth=2;    /*Non-Hispanic Black*/

      else if ridreth1=1 then raceth=3;    /*Mexican American*/

      else raceth=4;                       /*Other*/



      if ridreth1=3 then race=1;               /*Non-Hispanic White*/

      if ridreth1=4 then race=2;               /*Non-Hispanic Black*/

      if ridreth1=1 then race=3;               /*Mexican American*/

      if ridreth1=2 or ridreth1=5 then race=4; /*Other*/


/*for input to SAS PROC SURVEYREG - recode race/ethnicity      so that non-Hispanic white is the reference group*/


      if ridreth1 eq 3 then ethn=5;

      else if ridreth1 eq 4 then ethn=2;

      else if ridreth1 eq 2 then ethn=3;

      else if ridreth1 eq 5 then ethn=4;




/*define smokers*/

      if smq020 eq 2 then smoker=1;

      else if smq020 eq 1 and smq040 eq 3 then smoker=2;

      else if smq020 eq 1 and smq040 in(1,2) then smoker=3;








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