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NHANES Dietary Web Tutorial

NHANES Dietary Web Tutorial Roadmap

Question Module
Module Name Section/Course
What is this tutorial all about?   Introduction Tutorial Home
How does this tutorial work and what knowledge and skills do I need to complete it?   Logistics
What are the tutorial’s learning objectives?   Objectives
What topics are covered in the tutorial?   A-Z index
What types of dietary data are collected in NHANES? 1 Dietary Data
Dietary Data Survey
How can I find dietary and other information on the NHANES website? 2 Navigate NHANES
How are the dietary data structured? 3 Dietary Data
Structure & Contents
What other dietary data resources might I need for my research? 4 Resources for Dietary
Data Analysis
What do I need to know about the NHANES survey design and sample weighting before I start preparing my analytic dataset? 5 Overview of NHANES
Survey Design and Weights
How do I identify and locate the variables I need for my analysis? 6 Locate Variables Preparing a Dietary Analytic Dataset
How do I download the data and documentation files I need for my analysis? 7 Download Data Files
How do I create one dataset for my analysis if I’m using data from more than one file or more than one 2-year survey cycle? 8 Merge & Append
How do I adjust my dataset to accommodate missing data, skip patterns, or outliers and how do I create new variables? 9 Review Data & Create
New Variables
What tools can I use to describe my variables and their numeric values? 10 Format & Label
How do I permanently save my dataset? 11 Save a Dataset
What are the statistical considerations peculiar to dietary data that I need to be aware of before starting my analysis? 12 Identify Important Statistical Considerations Regarding Dietary Data Analyses Basic Dietary Analyses
How do I calculate variance estimates and analyze subgroups of participants from NHANES? 13 Estimate Variance and
Analyze Subgroups
How do I determine mean usual intakes of nutrients and foods? 14 Estimate Population
Mean Intakes
How do I estimate ratios, including proportions and percentages, using dietary data? 15 Estimate Ratios
How do I test statistical hypotheses about population parameters 16 Test Hypotheses
How do I estimate the prevalence of dietary supplement intake and examine the relationship between supplement intake and some health measure? 17 Estimate Prevalence of Supplement Use and Examine Relationships Using Supplement Data Advanced Dietary Analyses
What methods are available to estimate usual intake using dietary recall data? 18 Model Usual Intake Using Dietary Recall Data
How do I estimate distributions of food or nutrient intake? 19 Evaluate the Effects of Covariates on Usual Dietary Intakes
How do I determine the importance of different factors on food and nutrient intake? 20 Estimate Population-Level Distributions of Usual Dietary Intake
How do I examine the relationship between usual food or nutrient intake and some outcome measure, such as body weight? 21 Examine the Relationship Between Usual Dietary Intake and Some Outcome Measure
How do I combine data from dietary recalls and dietary supplement questionnaires to estimate usual total nutrient intake? 22 Examine Usual Total Nutrient Intake from Supplements and Diet
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